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WC3 Item & Skill Designer

WC3 Item & Skill Designer is a powerful tool for WC3 Mapper! It creates professional looking tooltips in seconds! You can customize everything! WC3 Item & Deskill Designer - Your professional Item and Skill Creator/Designer for Warcraft 3! WC3 Item & Skill Designer also includes some cool calculators. Damage Calculator, Armor calculator, Evasion stack calculator, effective hp calculator, exp req. calculator.. And with 0.5 and above you can edit your map with this tool! (Import .w3x Map Files) - No need to open World-Edit just to change some custom Item/Skill text.

What is this software?

 WC3 Item & Skill Designer is a software to create and manage professional tooltips for warcraft 3 maps. It offers some extra cool features for RPG-Maps! (Quality, Typ, Req. Class) and always use the same color for the same text (setup).
WC3 Item & Skill Designer also includes a Damage & Armor Calculator (To calculate Damage X-Y, DPS, Armor - Damage Reduction). And there is still more to come...Now there is also a "Effective HP" Calculator and req. EXP calculator. And its still getting more. Send me your feedback!
Since version 0.4/0.4.5 it also offers a lot of useful calculators and some other nice stuff. Now also with multiple manalevels for skills! Version 0.5 and higher also offers Hotkey Support, Autocast and Skill Typ's! And the best of all: W3X import! Import you map and edit all item, skill and unit data! No need to open World Edit anymore! Forget the long loading times if you have a lot of items/skills when you edit some text.. WC3 Item & Skill Designer can do all this, much faster! (Info: WC3 Item & Skill Designer only use the custom item/skill/unit data from your map, it dosnt show the names of basic items.)

Colors, colors, colors!

 Holy shit, is there something else than colors? Not in this tool. You can add a custom color for each quality, typ, class, boost.. more colors than ull ever need! (nah, ull need them all.. sometime). Its easy to use, however the first time setup will take some time. Add qualitys, typs, classes, boosts and customize the text layout. But once you have it done, you can use the full power of this tool!
If you are new, please go to "Config" tab before you start using this tool! You have to customize it (at least add some stuff) to use it.


 For such a great tool you have to pay a high price. Nah, its freeware ;) However, i would like to call it FB-ware, like/comment on fb please if you like this tool.
You also can increase the limits (dont know what i mean? come back when you know) with some community activity or help or.. whatever.. :) You can find FB links at the top on the page.
Or maybe add a credit hint/entry in your map for this tool... Btw, it would be nice if you let me know that you use (and maybe like?) this tool! And for what kind of map this tool is used.

Easy setup

 Just download and start, thats all ;)*
(If you download the archive, unzip it first!).
(It requires .Net Framework 2.0, but thats installed by default on all machines with Win XP SP3 (or already 2?) or later)
There is no linux version, but since it use .Net 2.0 it should
work with Mono! WC3 Item & Skill Designer also support plugins, they can be easy found and downloaded via the online plugin system (Version 0.5 and higher).
The real setup comes after the first run, but thats more customization that setup. By default there are not many Item/Skill Typs/Quality, etc. - you have to create your own!
In later versions you can manage multiple profiles, each with custom item quality, typ, etc.. My plan is to create 1 profile for each map im working on.

Complete customizable

 You can add qualitys, typs, classes, boosts, skill typs, whatever, change the color of ANY string/value and also can create a custom design template.
You can change everything! And the features increase each hour ( working on it)!
You can change all strings, so you can create any language tooltips! No need to make them english. There is so much you can do... and its getting more and more.
Stop.. thats not all the stuff you can, thats all shou should do! Customize it, so you can use it.

So many calculators...

 This tool offers a lot of useful calculators. Like a Damage Calculator (Min Dmg - Max Dmg, DPS), a Armor Calculator (Damage reduction), a "Effective HP Calculator" with a build in Evasion (Stack) Calculator !! And a Req. EXP calculator too. Yeah you can do a lot of nice shit with this tool :)


 Make this tool public, and add some cool stuff took a lot of time. And the website costs money, each month. Somehow i have to get my coffee too. For now im happy with likes and comments on Facebook or on the official forums.
But maybe ill make some features (like map edit) for PRO users only if it costs me too much time. Was a lot of work to get it so far. But let's see...
Oh yeah this is really getting a big prroject. When i release 0.5 i want to get some feedback! Go guys!



WC3 Item & Skill Designer needs no installation, just unzip and run! Easy to use - create some text and colors and you are done. Save your items and skills so you can load them later to edit and re-copy them to WE. WC3 Item & Skill Designer uses a intelligent copy feature, if you click the copy button the tool will always copy the next "needed" string. (First Item-name, then description etc.).
Try it out now! Just Download and have fun! :)
Dont forget to like or leave a comment! (Facebook link above)